Alana and Matt Wedding - 259


I believe in love. Without love, I wouldn’t be here. I believe in capturing that love. I believe in getting to know you, being creative, and giving you beautiful photographs of fleeting moments. You’ve found the one you want to marry & you want to celebrate with all the people you love. Now you’re searching for someone to document it all. To me, wedding photography is more than just noticing all the details that you’ve spent hours planning. It means giving you support through all the emotions that come with getting married, it’s my job to see how you two love each other, and to capture that love with beautiful photographs. The couples that I work with always end up being the most creative, fun, willing, easy-going people that I know. So if you want to be one of them, let me know, and we can meet up to talk about your love story.

Wedding collections start at $1800, please contact me for more details. 

*please note that while engagement sessions are included in wedding packages, they are also available à la carte



In the age of everyone having a pocket-sized camera, sometimes professional portrait sessions are forgotten, but they shouldn’t be. Having someone capture photographs of you as you are now is something to invest in. Andy Warhol is quoted as saying, “the best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” This sums up perfectly why I love capturing portraits of people. Photographs record moments in time. I love natural settings & everyday moments. Contact me for your memories to be captured.

Portrait sessions start at $200, please contact me for more details.